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What We Do At Tidy

Tidy Translation is a language service provider that builds customized translation solutions tailored to clients' complex and specialized translation needs. Tidy offers professional document translation, website translation, localization services, transcreation, and multicultural marketing consulting.

Translation Services

At Tidy, our language services business was founded on providing accurate, reliable, high-quality online translation services. We started with a small network of translators in a few languages and have grown to a worldwide network of expert translators, marketers, and proofreaders in more than 30 languages and 20 industries. Our translation process is hassle-free for documents, websites, and any other materials you need professionally translated. If your translation project is difficult, timely, or requires special attention, we will work with you to build a customized solution to fit your budget and timeline.

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Localization and Transcreation

Translation is the process of taking a message from one language and conveying it in another language, while changing as little as possible. With localization, which is useful for any customer-facing materials, including marketing materials, ad copy and your website, we help make sure your messaging is relevant to the audience(s) you are targeting. The first step to making your customers feel that you understand them is to speak their language. We help you to do this and to understand their norms, references, and cultural history, as well.

Transcreation is one of the hardest translation tasks, whereby the translator is tasked with working with a project manager at Tidy to rewrite the messaging of an ad (or blog post, website copy, etc.) to make it seem natural and appealing to a specific market. While localization may include changing the messaging, transcreation requires experienced marketing copywriters who feel comfortable re-writing the original messaging of an ad (or blog post or website, etc.) to change it into something that will resonate with the culture of your target audience, sometimes with a completely different message. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies on transcreating ad campaigns for international markets.

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Multicultural Consulting

As experts in the field of translation and multicultural marketing, we can help make sure your international business efforts are successful, every time. Need a focus group for an international product launch? We've got you covered. Have a question about language or cultural norms before a big business trip? Reach out to us. Tidy is your ally and concierge on the world stage.

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