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Localization and transcreation are more involved forms of translation. Localization, often used in context of software, websites, and/or gaming, refers to the process by which translators help to make your translated materials seem "native" or “local” (localized) to certain users. Localization can include using the correct dialect of Spanish or German, as well as changing the currency of pricing on an ecommerce site. To give you a picture of what localization could look like within English, imagine using "y'all” for a target audience in the American South or "pop" when referring to soda in the Midwest. These kinds of details are what make your website, game, or other customer-facing material feel authentic.

Transcreation generally refers to a creative translation process in which texts, mostly marketing materials and ad copy, are changed (sometimes completely) to reflect the norms of a certain target audience. Transcreation requires translators, experienced marketers and copywriters who have an in-depth understanding of what works (and what doesn't) for a marketing message in their language. The translators are, in essence, creating your messaging for a new audience.

At Tidy, we pride ourselves on helping organizations find their voices in other languages. We pride ourselves on crafting the perfect team of translators, marketers, copywriters, and proofreaders to make sure your message can be heard loud and clear around the world. We want to help you resonate with your audience, we want to help you speak their language. We help you find your voice.

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Popular languages for localization and transcreation:

  • Spanish localization and Spanish transcreation
  • German localization and German transcreation
  • Japanese localization and Japanese transcreation
  • Chinese localization and Chinese transcreation
  • French localization and French transcreation
  • Arabic localization and Arabic transcreation
  • Russian localization and Russian transcreation
  • Portuguese localization and Portuguese transcreation
  • Korean localization and Korean transcreation
  • English localization and English transcreation
  • Polish localization and Polish transcreation
  • Vietnamese localization and Vietnamese transcreation
  • Italian localization and Italian transcreation
  • Turkish localization and Turkish transcription

Popular types of localization and transcreation:

  • Ad copy localization
  • Marketing localization
  • Website localization
  • Game localization
  • Advertising transcreation
  • Mobile ad transcreation
  • PPC localization
  • Mobile app localization
  • Marketing campaign localization
  • Ad campaign transcreation
  • PPC campaign transcreation
  • SEO localization
  • Website copy transcreation
  • Blog localization
  • Slogan transcreation
  • Tagline transcreation
  • Social media localization

Website Localization

Two of the most common types of localization are website localization and app localization. Localization helps make a piece of technology, whether that’s an app or a website, feel intuitive to its users. Localization is based on the culture and norms of users in a given country or region. At Tidy, we accept most file types for website localization and can work with you to make sure your website is accessible to markets worldwide. This includes localizing currency and translating messaging, as well as changing graphic and visual elements. For example, an Arabic or Hebrew website localization might include changing elements to align with a right-to-left reading of the website.

Ad Transcreation

In order for advertising and marketing to be effective, it must resonate with its intended audiences. If you are targeting a foreign market, you will want the help of creative translators and marketing translators, as well as professional marketers and copywriters, to make sure your message not only makes sense, but will achieve its goals, such as brand awareness or promoting a sale. Certain advertising elements that may be effective in one culture could fall flat in another. In the worst case scenario, something that makes sense in one culture could be offensive in another. Transcreation not only prevents these kinds of mistakes, but makes sure that your marketing goals are achieved.

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